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The Joy of Owning a Home

If you haven’t bought a home yet, you’re missing out on a wonderful feeling! That moment when you walk through your doors, throw your purse or keys on the floor, plop down on your couch and breathe a sigh of relief while thinking, “Finally, it’s ours (or mine)!” And the joy of looking at all […]

Use The Right Paint Finish

Ready to paint your home? Be sure to use the right finishes in each room and feature to make the best impact in your home. Using the wrong finishes can backfire for home owners if the wrong ones are used in the wrong spaces. Below, you’ll find the most common finishes and recommendations on where […]

Don’t Replace Your Agent with the Internet

With the influx of new technology and web based solutions, it isn’t a surprise that everything is moving fast into the era of the internet. From sites like Uber to Grubhub, we generally can pull up our phones or laptops to order what we want with ease. And with every industry being revolutionized by technology, […]

Why Rent When You Can Buy?

Home ownership rates are the lowest they have been in the last 50 years. Yet a large portion of Americans are still renting properties, instead of enjoying a home of their own. Consumer reports believe this is an issue because of a buyer’s lack of trust in their ability to purchase. It is still a […]

6 Reasons Your Home Won’t Sell

Are you ready to sell your home and want it to have a great first impression on the market? Or maybe your home has been listed for a few weeks or months, and you can’t figure out why it won’t sell, and you know your agent is working hard to market it. We’ve listed below […]

The Local Spotlight – Pieology

So who likes pizza?  Pretty much everyone.  Pieology just opened today at Cordova Mall.   You won’t find it in the food court, Pieology is an exterior eatery with a full seating area inside and outside.  The concept is unique and very different from what you would expect from a typical pizzeria.  For starters, there’s […]

The Local Spotlight – Title Boxing Club

The first of the year, everyone seems to be in the mindset of self improvement.  New year, new you, right?  The problem is most of those resolutions don’t see the light of day after the month of January.  Let’s be honest here.  Most workouts aren’t very fun and after the motivation dies down, the only […]

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